Monday, December 10, 2018

Mercedes ME9.7 Engine ECU broken, new ECU & Ktag will do the job

Mercedes ME9.7 ECU ECM Engine get broken or you are considering to replace a used ECM, then you need a brand new ECM to contain new data, and also a Ktag / KTM100 to read/ Write ECU data, also a Special renew cable to make the reading job easier instead of dismantling the ECU.

Here we go for what needs and how to do step by step.

  1. Brand new Mercedes ME9.7 ECU ECM Engine.
Attach images from outside and inside
mercedes-me9-7-me 9-7-ecu-ecm-engine-computer-01

mercedes-me9-7-me 9-7-ecu-ecm-engine-computer-02

mercedes-me9-7-me 9-7-ecu-ecm-engine-computer-03

1) Has a wide Mercedes coverage incl. C series, E series, CLK cars, CLS sports cars, S Series, M Series, R Series, GLK cars etc.

2) Compatible with all series of 237 engine 4.6L 4633CC V8/ 5.5L5641CC V8

3) Can unlock an used ME9.7 ECM in order to adapt it with SDS, Autologic etc.

4) can directly install into the car and use MB star C4 /C5 to perform online programming.

5) Can perform renewing ECU repeatedly with a renew cable instead of dismantling the shell.

image 2: Mercedes Benz ECU ME9.7/272-273/ Renew Cable
If the original ECU is not broken, this renew cable can be connected to the ECU to read out the data with Ktag, then write into the new Mercedes ME9.7 ECU.

  1. Ktag V7.020 / KTM100:
After the original ECU data is read out, you can use the Mercedes ECU ME9.7/272/273/ renew cable to connect KTM100 or KTAG
to write the new ECU data into the new Mercedes ME9.7 ME 9.7 ECU ECM Engine instead of dismantling the new ECU.
This Mercedes ME9.7 renew cable is tested 100% ok on the following two Ktag cables:
Ktag V7.020 with 4 led indicators (Red PCB)
Ktag V7.020 (Red PCB)
mercedes-me9-7-ecu-ecm-engine-renew-cable- ktag-v7.020-03

How to do?
Step 1:
Read out the original Mercedes ME9.7 ECU data with KTAG.
***Now, don’t forget the above-mentioned renew cable, with it you don’t need to dismantle the ECU.

Step 2:
Install the brand new Mercedes ME9.7 ECU ECM Engine.

Step 3:
Write the original ME9.7 ECM data into the brand new ECM with the help of Ktag / KTM100.

That’s all

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