Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ktag full reads & writes PCR2.1 thru BOOT mode

Pls note :PCR2.1 full flash VERY IMPORTANT!!In recent update,Kess V2 now can write PCR2.1 with VR-file without needing patch first with KTag.
And KTag now also has the ability to extract the password and then do full read and write thru bootmode. Such a read can then be used by Alientech in their database for vr-files.

About PCR2.1 full flash with KTag, you need Pinout cable SSM 144300T111 (INFINEON TRICORE ECU PCR2.1 CABLE)

This is a SSM cable
Already DONE
kess-v2-pcr2.1-1 kess-v2-pcr2.1-2
Need original ktag or HQ cloned ktag, open ecu and prepare Eeprom for cloning ECU.

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