Thursday, July 13, 2017

How to rework Kess V2 5.017 Ktag 7.020 PCB

Here is the Kess V2 5.017 Ktag 7.020 reviews
I reworked kess and seem to work, sw open and show protocol active but I haven’t tried on a car.

Kess v2 5.017 rework:
kess-v2-5.017-before-rework kess-v2-5.017-rework kess-v2-5.017-reworked kess-5.017-ksuite-v2.22

Rework of ktag ok, seem to work.
I haven’t tried on real car or ecu for now, but seem to work.when I tried on ecu I post result.

Ktag 7.020 rework:
ktag-7.020-before-rework ktag-7.020-rework ktag-7.020-reworked ktag-7.020-test
Ktag work very well!
I tested with a lot of edc17 in these day and read and write without problem.
Tested with a edc17c50 bmw 120d f21 with gpt, read and write ok.
I have a fiat edc17c69 virgin (without software inside), this I can’t read.
In these day I must read a Toyota with nec, when I read post results.
Ktag haven’t token, I read more than 30 ecu and work the same.

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