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EDC17 ECU chip tuning FAQ

How to tunig/programming EDC17 ecu chip?Here have some different solutions for most details help the beginners.
Here we go...

What is Electronic Diesel Control (EDC)?
EDC (Electronic Diesel Control) is definitely an electronic engine-management technique for diesel engines.
The new EDC17 is usually used incredibly flexibly in any vehicle segment on each of the world??s markets. The Bosch EDC17 determines the injection parameters for eachcylinder, creating specific adaptations if needed. Additionally to controlling the precise timing and quantity of injection, exhaust gas recirculation, and manifold stressregulation, in addition, it presents a big number of choices like the manage of particulate filters or systems for decreasing nitrogen oxides.

What ECU chip tuning tool fits for EDC17 tuning?
Here, you have 5 major alternatives.

1.KESS V2 (€162)- most popular

KESS v2 is usually a strong ECU tuner with reasonably priced value. KESS V2 tuning kit covers all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850. It has some distinguish capabilities that other ECU tuning tool did not have, like Verify in the battery voltage in real-time, Complete Recovery function in case ofissues, Automatic correction of the Checksum, Boot-Loader mode supported, Management of the programming counters, Scan Tool function to remove DTC, Several alternatives of reading/writing speed, Alternative to write full file/section with the map and full integration with ECM Titanium ECU programming software program. The device can not be upgraded and must be installed on Windows XP operating program.

KTAG also ok?
With KESS V2 you programming directly through the OBD port of the vehicle, while with Ktag (Ktag 2.13) you need to take apart the ECU and open it, after you can make the read/write operation.

Many ECU has the advantage that can be read and write from OBD port (so kess is perfect), but there are lot ECU that need to disassemble from the car and open and this is the case for all the ECU that need to be programmed with Jtag, BDM and Boot protocols, so KTAG is needed also.

So, kess is a ECU programming tool that is perfect for OBD use, while KTag is perfect for Jtag, BDM and all the Boot application (tricore and ST10).

Kess v2 buying guide:
There many different versions in the market. But Kess V2 firmware V4.036 is the best quality for ecu tuning via OBD, while Ktag for Jtag, BDM and all the Boot application. So, the best solution should be: Kess v2 + Ktag tuning kit:

2.FGTECH Galletto 2 master (€39.99)- fastest & safest

FGTECH Galletto v50 programmer supports BDM-TriCore-OBD (MPC5xx - EDC17 - Infineon TriCore - ST10Fxx - OBD2 (K-CAN) now. The system comes complete with all vehicles, trucks, traktors and bikes with new Boot Mode Program Tricore Infineon Tricore Sak TC1766, Sak TC1767 *new Infineon Tricore sak TC1792,TC1796,TC1797,TC1767. It may also support study and write new BMW by means of OBD two port. The application could be upgrade through e mail. The dongles has been canceled. You are able to use it freely.

3.MPPS V18 (€94)- best China knock off

MPPS V18 ECU chip tuning interface support read and create flash for EDC15 EDC16 and EDC17 checksum. MPPS v18 has produced some improvements of EDC15 and DDE4. It has adds VAG EDC17 CHECKSUM programming function. New cars have been added to MPPS V18. The software program must be installed on Windows XP operating method and can not be upgraded.

4.MPPS 13.02 (€13.50)- lowest cost

New MPPS 13.02V MPPS chip tuning interface enables to study and write memory in the vehicle laptop by means of the diagnostic connector. MPPS V13.02 supports the newest drivers EDC16, EDC17, MED9.x, Siemens PPD1 / x, EDC15, ME7.xi significantly more ... It help flashing reading and writing K+CAN , checksum calculaton and Make Model Engine Ecu Make Ecu Form Connection Read Create Checksum. It's a standalone ECU chip tuning that work devoid of unnecessary boxes and cables by straight plugged into connector. The software program must be installed on Windows XP2 operating system.

5.DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader (€86)- full car listed

DS17 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader help EDC17/MED17/ME17/MEV17/MEVD17/PCF2.1/SD13/SD14/SD16/SID208/SID807 programming. Normally named as bootmode this port may be the Infineon pendent for the Motorola/Freescale BDM port. In contrast for the BDM port, whose pins only have this purpose, the bootmode is carried out over 1 on the CAN busses with theprocessor. For the reason that new assembled ECUs are programmed over this port, Bosch has put it on a 14 pin pad array. It appears like the BDM port but works completelydistinct. The power can also be supplied more than the probe, but is spite to the BDM system the voltage will not be manually switchable but automatically controlled by the DS17.

What are ECU EDC17 types can be supported?
AudiA32.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17C46
AudiA52.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17CP20 HW31
AudiA53.0L V6 TDIBoschEDC17CP14 HW02
AudiA62.7L V6 TDIBoschEDC17CP14 EXTERN
AudiQ53.0L V6 TDIBoschEDC17CP24
AudiQ73.0L TDIBoschEDC17CP04 HW01
AudiQ74.2L V8 TDIBoschEDC17CP24
BMW118d (E81)2.0L DBoschEDC17C06 DDE7.0
BMW120d (E81)2.0L DBoschEDC17CP02 DDE7.1
BMW120d (E82)2.0L DBoschEDC17CP02 DDE7.1
BMW120d (E88)2.0L DBoschEDC17CP02 DDE7.1
BMW123d (E81)2.0L DBoschEDC17CP02 DDE7.1
BMW123d (E82)2.0L DBoschEDC17CP02 DDE7.1
BMW318d (E90)2.0L DBoschEDC17C06 DDE7.0
BMW318d (E91)2.0L DBoschEDC17C06 DDE7.0
BMW320d (E90)2.0L DBoschEDC17CP02 DDE7.1
BMW320d (E91)2.0L DBoschEDC17CP02 DDE7.1
BMW320d (E92)2.0L DBoschEDC17CP02 DDE7.1
BMW320d (E93)2.0L DBoschEDC17CP02 DDE7.1
BMW325d (E93)2.5L DBoschEDC17CP09 DDE7.3
BMW330d (E91)3.0L DBoschEDC17CP09 DDE7.3
BMW535D (F11)3.0L DBoschEDC17C41
BMW535GT (F07)3.0L DBoschEDC17CP09 DDE7.3
BMWX1 (E84)1.8L DBoschEDC17C06 DDE7.0
BMWX3 (E83) Facelift2.0L DBoschEDC17CP02 DDE7.1
BMWX6 (E71)4.0L DBoschEDC17CP45
CitroenDS31.6 HDISiemensSID807
FordF-2506.7L TDIBoschEDC17CP05
FordF-3506.7L TDIBoschEDC17CP05
FordF-4506.7L TDIBoschEDC17CP05
HyundaiTuscon, Santa Fe2.2 CDTiBoschEDC17CP14
KiaMohave3.0DBoschEDC17CP14 INTERN
KIASportage2.0 CRDIBoschEDC17C08
Land RoverDiscovery 4, Range Rover3.0DBoschEDC17CP11
Mercedes-BenzA 180 (W169)2.0L CDIBoschEDC17C43
Mercedes-BenzC 200 (W204)2.0L CDIBoschEDC17CP01
Mercedes-BenzCLS, E350CDI, 450CDIBoschEDC17CP46
NissanQashqai1.6 DCIBoschEDC17C42
OpelInsignia2.0L CDTiBoschEDC17C19
Peugeot2071.6L HDIBoschEDC17C10
PorscheCayenne3.0L V6 TDIBoschEDC17CP14 HW03
PorscheCayenne II3.0L V6 TDIBoschEDC17CP44
RenaultClio1.5 DCIBoschEDC17C42
SeatIbiza 41.4L TDIBoschEDC17U1
SeatIbiza 41.9L TDIBoschEDC17U1
SeatIbiza 42.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17C46
SkodaSuperb 22.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17CP14 INTERN
SkodaYeti2.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17CP14 INTERN
SkodaYeti2.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17C46
ToyotaUrban Cruiser1.4L D4-DBoschEDC17CP07
VolkswagenEOS1.4L TSIBoschMED17.5.20
VolkswagenEOS2.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17CP14 INTERN
VolkswagenGolf 62.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17CP14 INTERN
VolkswagenJetta 32.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17CP14 EXTERN
VolkswagenPassat2.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17CP14 INTERN
VolkswagenPhaeton3.0L V6 TDIBoschEDC17CP04 INTERN
VolkswagenScirocco2.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17CP14 INTERN
VolkswagenTiguan2.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17CP14 INTERN
VolkswagenTouareg3.0L V6 TDIBoschEDC17CP04 INTERN
VolkswagenTouareg3.0L V6 TDIBoschEDC17CP24
VolkswagenTouareg II3.0L V6 TDIBoschEDC17CP44
VolkswagenTransporter T62.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17CP20 HW31
VolkswagenVento2.0L TDI CRBoschEDC17CP14 INTERN
VolvoXC602.4 D5BoschEDC17CP48
Here are a most EDC17 list. Most EDC types are listed here but not all. You can contact the customer service to make sure.

Vehicle models may possibly vary amongst various ECU chip tuners, please check it at

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