Sunday, January 22, 2017

KESS V2 master vs Ktag programmer for ECU remap, tuning

kess v2 or ktag, that is a question. Lots of reviews of kess v2 master and k tag programmer...with different opinions.
kess v2

First, price & quality!
As for quality, PCBs talks.
kess  v2 pcb
 kess v2 pcd

k tag price: 75
ktag pcb
 ktag pcb

Second, software...
kess v2 software download
k-tag software download

Third, functions...
alientech kess v2 function:
Kess is used to R/W maps of car: it not read out all ecu data.
k tag alientech function:
Ktag can Read and Write out all data of a ecu ( using BDM, boot, Jtag connection)

Fourth, communication/connection...
ECU tools

FgTech2 /
Fgtech 4

kess v2 connection:
KESS v2 supports obd2, boot
Ktag connection:
KTAG can work for bdm, j-tag, boot

So sometimes, you need to buy kess v2 and ktag together. It depends on the connection you need.
KESS V2 is perfect for OBD use, while KTag is perfect for Jtag, BDM and all the Boot application (tricore and ST10).
With KESS V2 you programming directly through the OBD port of the vehicle, while with Ktag (Ktag 2.13) you need to take apart the ECU and open it, after you can make the read/write operation.
Many ECU has the advantage that can be read and write from OBD port (so KESS V2 is perfect), but there are lot ECU that need to disassemble from the car and open and this is the case for all the ECU that need to be programmed with Jtag, BDM and Boot protocols, so KTAG is needed.

Fifth, car list...
kess v2 car list:
Kess covers all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850
k tag vehicle list:
ktag firmware v6.070 with ksuite v2.13 supports BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx, and BMW Gasoline F Chassis and Mercedes W222

Last, users feedback at here :

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